Net Neutrality PC 150222c ( 8_45 ).mp3

Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast PA 150219a.mp3

Pray For Australia PA 150213c.mp3

Red Tape PC 150208e ( 7_ 25 ).mp3

Holocaust Remembrance PC 150201a ( 4_14 ).mp3

Dr Alveda C King PC 150125a ( 7_08 ).mp3

worship leaders PC 150118c .mp3

114th Congress PC 150111a ( 4_44 ).mp3

NY Blessing 150106a PA ( 1_58 ).mp3

Holiday Loneliness 150104b PC ( 4_26 ).mp3

o holy night PC 141228b PC ( 6_59 ).mp3

Welfare Drug Testing 141214b PC ( 4_52 ).mp3

Christmas Truce of 1914 141221b PC ( 5_59 ) .mp3

Cops 141207a PC.mp3

Ferguson 141124a PA ( 1_50 ).mp3

Executive Amnesty 141116b PC.mp3

2nd Anniversary 141109h PC.mp3

Mid Term Elections 2014 141105 PA.mp3

The Persecuted Church 141102e2 (4_27) PC.mp3

My Painful Death 141026m4 (5_47) PC.mp3

PC Pulpit Freedom in Houston 141019auf.mp3

ISIS 141012auf Prayer Cast.mp3

Prayer Alert Feast of Tabernacles 141011a.mp3